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We are based in Andergrove Mackay.

Our area includes Sarina in the South,  Moranbah in the West & Bowen in the north. We make at least one trip a month to these area's, more if there is enough demand. We do not charge any call out fee's if appointments are booked on a scheduled trip.  We also have a display room with all models available on display, if you would like to have a look at our system first.   As we are mobile operators just give us a heads up to ensure someone is available to assist you.


We are the local operators for Mackay and Suburbs and the surrounding region.  We can supply you with the best advice for your specific needs when selecting a water filter and cooler, as well as continued ongoing support when it comes to  filter changes, services & maintenance. 


For  both business & residential customers within our service area, we provde a free reminder service of when your filter is due for a change.  WIth every filter change booked in we do a full service & clean when installing your new filter.   You also have the option to order a filter only and change it over yourself, while we still provide you with instructions on how to go about to clean & service your water cooler. If anything goes wrong,  we can provide you with troubleshooting advice and/or a free quote to repair.  All repairs are done locally in Mackay,  and you will receive a loan unit if repair cannot be done on site.  Once out of warranty we can offer a Service & Maintenance plan with easy fortnightly payments, which includes a filter change and service every 6 months and any repairs or maintenance required.


One Year full warranty & 2 Year compressor warranty.   Warranty subject to Terms & Conditions.   Our products have an average lifespan of around 7- 8 years, if you adhere to the service & maintenance instructions.  You might have to replace a part or two over the years but it's still great value compared to having to buy a new system every couple of years.  For customers within our service area we also offer a Service & Maintenance Plan,  which covers 2 filter changes per year, as well as any repairs and/or maintenance required.



Our systems are compressor cooling, which means they are extremely power efficient.  They have an internal thermostat in the hot & cold tank which constantly measures water temperature ensuring that the compressor / heater only kicks in when needed.  Consider the power savings when you don't need to constantly open & close your fridge to get a drink of cold water.  Not too mention the power savings on boiling the kettle - 30c per boil for the kettle vs 40c per day for the cooler (including the kettle function turned on).


Our filters have been tested to filter up to 1000 litres of water effectively. This works out to be around every 6 months—if you fill up your top bowl (holds 5 litres) once a day. After that it does not filter at optimal levels any longer.  Taste & flow-rate deteriorate gradually over the life of the filter, this is a very bad measure of when to change your filter, as the change takes place gradually over a period of time and you often don’t notice it.   Your filter may be able to control taste and odours long after it has lost the  ability to effectively reduce other toxic contaminants. 


Free delivery & installation in Mackay & Suburbs, and on scheduled trips to area's we service.

Please contact us for a quote on shipping fees if you require delivery outside our service area.


  • Cash, Cheque or EFTpos

  • PAYPal for website orders

  • Visa or Master debit & credit cards accepted for phone orders or STRIPE

  • Direct Deposit

  • Direct debit facilities through EZIDEBIT for rental agreements & service & maintenance plans.

  • Invoicing available for business customers - 7 day terms (longer by agreement)

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