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Local Operators - Local benefits.

As local operators we provide full service & maintenance options to both business & residential customers to ensure you will have years of benefit from your water cooler.  

As online shopping is the future, we do however also offer the option to just order the filter & DIY.  When placing your online order please ensure that you select the website with at the end: 


Our DIY filters are all pre-flushed (except when requested otherwise) - ready for installation, no need to soak & rinse through before you can install. 


It is important to do regular maintenance & cleaning of the water cooler to ensure that it stays in good working condition,  as well as for hygienic purposes. When ordering your replacement filter, we will include instructions on how to take care of your water cooler. 


Other benefits when shopping local:

  • Reminders by text / email when you are due for a filter change

  • We attend to all local service calls & repairs (Mackay & Suburbs) within a very short turn around time

  • Monthly service runs to most of out of town area’s that we service.

  • Loyalty rewards for customers who stick to suggested 6 monthly filter changes – significantly reduces rates apply for any maintenance calls, parts and repairs required

  • Service & Maintenance Plan – easy fortnightly payments through Ezidebit ensures you never miss a filter change & covers any repairs that might be needed.

  • Free quotes on repairs

  • All repairs are done locally in Mackay, or onsite for out of town area’s

  • If machine needs to be taken off site for repairs a loan unit will be provided.

  • All spare Spare parts available to order.

Knowing that you are supporting a locally owned & operated business will give you peace of mind and will ensure that we will be here to assist you when you need us for any repair or maintenance issues.


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