When to change your filter

To ensure healthy, safe, great tasting water as well as to ensure your machine stays in good working condition, it is important to stick to the recommended service schedule.  Our filters have been tested to work optimally for 6 months or 1000 liters.   After that the filter slowly starts to decline in it's effectiveness to adsorb chemicals & impurities.  For this reason you won't notice a change in taste right away.  


As the main process of filtration is chemical adsorption - there is usually not visible signs that your filter needs replacement. 


The following signs are indicators that you need to change your filter:

  • Flow rate

  • Change in colour (particularly on white parts of filter)

  • Taste


Taste deteriorates gradually over the life of the filter and subsequently this is a very bad measure of when to change your filter, as you often don’t notice it, until it gets really bad.   Your filter may be able to control taste and odours long after it has lost the ability to effectively reduce other toxic contaminants. 


The function of the filter is to absorb chemicals and impurities from your water.  Once it is saturated it cannot hold onto those chemicals anymore and starts to dump it back into the water.  It is therefore worse to drink from an overdue filter, than just drinking water straight from the tap, as you are consuming a concentrated amount of chemicals once the filter has reached saturation levels. Watch the video that explains this.


Although flow rate can indicate it’s time for a new filter it is not always the case. Adsorption of physical impurities will affect the flowrate, but adsorption of chemical impurities does not affect flow rate as much.


As it is a chemical process, you cannot tell by the looks of the filter if it needs replacement or not.  A filter might “look” brand new even after years of use.


Time & usage therefor remains your best measure to ensure your water is always healthy and safe.


Regular servicing of the machine also prevents possible problems with its operation in future, and ensures it operates at maximum capacity, and will extent the expected lifespan of your cooler.


Not being serviced often results in the water cooler starting to leak.   This does not mean the cooler is broken, it simply needs a clean of the tank, floats & washers.  Leaking can however cause water damage to the electronics of the machine that is why servicing is important to avoid leaking from happening in the first place.


Your filter can effectively filter up to 1000 liters of water.  That will come to one filter every 6 months, if you use an average of 5 liters per day.

                   $65 every 6 months =

                                     $2.5 per week 

                                     0.36c per day

                                     0.07c per liter

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