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Buying Filters online

Beware of cheaper filters sold online.  As with most online products, you often compromise quality and support when buying these cheaper versions.  Ask yourself if the price you are paying is reasonable for what you are getting when purchasing a filter from your locally based supplier.   

Online suppliers are selling "grey filters" at a hugely reduced price. Why is it so cheap?

  • Their products are of lower grade carbon quality and micron ratings or filters from production batches that have not passed the quality tests.

  • Further more they do not generate their own customers base - they sell to customerswe have worked very hard to generate over the years.   

  • And of course they do not offer the full service compliment - only providing a filter sent in the mail, no service, maintenance or repair options to offer.  

Furthermore, consider that these "grey suppliers" have minimum expenses to cover compared to an Authorised Awesome Agent (most of whom were part of the "original" network of operators who invested a great deal of money buying into the franchise in its earlier years).  


They do not have to : 

  • source the best quality products and negotiate deals with overseas manufacturers

  • import coolers and get it approved by Australian standards, pay customs duties

  • do marketing & advertising, have websites to administrate

  • provide rental plans, maintenance plans or have to honor warranties

  • offer repairs, maintenance or advice

  • they don’t need service vehicles which need to be insured or require public liability insurance  

It's normally the customers that choose to go "the cheap way",  that end up having trouble with their coolers after only a couple of years,  as service & maintenance is a very important part of having good quality water and ensuring the cooler operates as it should.  Unfortunately, it is these customers who give our brand name a bad reputation,  as they blame it on the product,  not the lack of service or the inferior quality filters they have purchased from an unknown online supplier. 


You will notice a few websites with the name "awesome water" when doing a google search. That is because since 2013 we no longer operate on a franchise basis - all operators are independent.    To ensure you order from us – your LOCAL operator – make sure you select the website with “mackay” at the end –


Our direct contact number and website address are on the sticker that looks like this. If you don’t have one on your machine yet, please let us know & we’ll get one to you.





If you love your Awesome Water cooler, and would like the joys and benefits of it for years to come, then support your local Awesome Water agent to ensure that we can keep running a viable business to serve you & other locals in the community now and in the future.



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