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Quality Coolers

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We offer a wide range of filtered water coolers and dispensers that have been tested to fully comply with Australian standards, and have stood the test of time providing Australians with over  10 years of great tasting water.

Advanced filters

awesome water filter, carbon filter, kdf, charcoal filter

The advanced 8 stage activated carbon filter removes chemicals and impurities from your tap water giving you safe, healthy and

great tasting water.  


It also adds much needed

trace minerals to the water 

and increases the

pH level of the water.

Ongoing Service

& Support

Fully inclusive service and maintenance plans for

customers in our

service area ensuring 

filter changes are 

up to date.

Regular cleaning

and servicing of 

your cooler will keep

it in good working

condition for years to come.

Business & Residential

We service both business & residential customers with fully inclusive service & maintenance plans available. This gives you peace of mind ensuring that you and your staff, customers or family always have healthy, safe & great tasting water and that your water cooler never misses a beat

Rent / BuyNowPayLater

With 3 options available, having an

Awesome Water System is within reach of everybody who values 

their health and well being.

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With a wide range of models, you're sure to find one that will tick all the boxes for you. 


  • Ambient Only

  • Cold & Ambient

  • Hot & Cold

Our original range has been tried and tested for over 15 years and provide superior features and proven quality.

  • Floor Standing

  • Bench Top

  • Plumbed-In

About Us

Awesome Water was established in 2004 as the leading supplier of filtered water coolers in Australia. Local Mackay based owner-operators have been running the business since 2010, operating as an indepdendant business since 2013, while still providing the benefit of a network of operators across Australia.  

Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say about how much they love their water coolers. 

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