Water fluoridation status within our service area:


  • Mackay Regional Council - No (council voted on 28 Sep 16 to remove fluoride from Mackay town water supply)

  • Isaac Regional Council - Yes

  • Whitsunday Regional Council - No

Optional Fluoride removing filter

The activated carbon filter does not remove fluoride from your water.

We do however have an optional filter that can be used in conjunction with the standard carbon filter, that will remove fluoride.  This filter is compatible with all our refillable systems.

The ceramic filter replaces the standard dome in the top part of your bottle set.


Please be aware that this filter slows the flow rate down considerably.  You can expect to get about 1 liter per hour.


Not suitable for high use environments.

The filter needs to be replaced every 12 months

$110 Outright

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