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The ceramic dome replaces the standard dome which holds the 2 x layers of cloth filter in the top bowl. This provides extra filtration and is recommended for area's with high sediment impurities in the water. Recommended for use with rainwater and / or borewater.

Please note that this filter slows down the flow of the water quite significantly.  You can expect about 1 litre per hour to filter through.


Monthly maintenance required by scrubbing clean the dome with a soft brush.


$ 30 - replace every 6 months

Ceramic Dome compatibility

Please note that this dome will only fit on the NEW STYLE bottles with the solid white lid.  If your lid has a white rim with a see throught part in the middle, this filter will not fit.    You have 2 options: 



Upgrade to the new style bottle set - which also holds 3 liters more


$100 for new bottle set & ceramic dome

(excludes carbon filter + $40 to include carbon filter).

PS - hold onto your old bottle set for us to collect on our next service run to receive a $15 refund.

Make a small adjustment to the white plate to allow the ceramic dome to fit, as per the pictures below. Drill a small hole where the old dome used to screw in to fit the nut at the bottom of the ceramic dome.  Make sure you don't drill the whole too big, or the nut will not secure the dome. 



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