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Machine Playing up ? They can sometimes be temperamental with small things affecting their operation – so don’t throw it out - tell us what's wrong and we'll give you advice and / or a FREE QUOTE if repair is needed.

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Here's a list of possible issues that we can advise you on. If anything else please specifiy the problem. We will assume that you have the original hot & cold model as pictured here.   If you do have another model, please mention it in your enquiry.


  • Machine leaking‎

  • Bottle / filter going green‎

  • Water not running through filter

  • Water leaks from top bowl to bottom bowl / neck of filter

  • Taste issue, even after replacing filter‎

  • Fridge leaking

  • Cooler noisy / fibrates

  • Calcium build-up

  • Water tank has cracks

  • No water from cold tap‎

  • No water from hot tap‎

  • Tap lever broken‎

  • Water in tank freezing up‎

  • Not cooling‎

  • Not heating‎

  • No power‎

  • Tripping power‎


Join the facebook group - Awesome Water Customer Forum.

Most common issues with the water cooler are addressed here with advice on what to do.  Go to Photo's / Albums.


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