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Super Service

Book in for a super service if:


  • Every 2 years as a preventative measure & for your peace of mind  

  • Your water cooler has a few years on the clock and is getting a bit old

  • Your water is not tasting that great, even after a filter change

  • It's been in storage for a while

  • You bought it second hand, and want to make sure it's in a good, hygenic  condition.

What is a Super Service ?

Drain, clean & sterilise tank

Dissasembly of bowl & cleaning all components

Checking proper operation of float

Reassembly of bowl and installation of new filter

Ensuring all washers are in correct positions and there are no leaks

Checking general operation of all parts

  • Opening up of machine

  • Internal pipe clean & sterilise

  • Internal steam clean

  • Hot tank drain & flush (if applicable)

$90 - Including filter change

$40 - Service Only no Filter


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