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This cooler from Officeworks is compatible to use with our bottleset & filter. 


You can purchase the cooler yourself directly from officeworks or get us to pick it up from office works and deliver to you together with the bottleset & filter. 

Aqua-to-GoVita from Officeworks

  • · Cold & Ambient

    · Preset temperatures:  Cold min 6-10°

    · Cold tank capacity 1.8 liters

    · Bowl capacity 11.5 liters

    · Easy to use tap faucets

    · All plastic BPA free

    · Stainless steel water tank

    · High quality food grade silicone pipes

    · Compressor cooling

    · 1 year warranty + $24 to extent to 3 years

  • Awesome Water Mackay can pick up the cooler from the local Officeworks & delivery to you and set up bottleset & cooler for you for an additional $20.00 

    This service is only available within MACKAY & suburbs and our surrounding service area on a schedule service run


    If located outside our service area,  place order directly with officeworks including shipping (+-$50 additional depending on location) 


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