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Filter Pick up
(or other parts arranged prior)
Items in wooden chests behind the pillar at the front door.


Loudon wooden box.jpg


  • Online with PayPal or Visa/Master - click here & add to cart (filter pick up link)

  • Phone / text Visa/Master card details - card number, expiry date, CVV, Name on card (photo of card is good), followed by CVV

  • Direct Deposit - Westpac BSB 034179  ACC 173280 (quote last name as reference)  

  • Cash - leave in wheelie bin, in envelope with your name on it (envelope & pen provided)

Drop Off Cooler for repair
Place cooler next to aircon.

Write your name, contact details & issue with the cooler and place it on the water cooler.

Pen & Paper available in wooden chest


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