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Awesome Water - the better way to H2O

If you don't like the taste & smell of tap water and are looking for an alternative to buying bottled water, then filtering your tap water is the answer. 

Awesome Water Mackay has been providing superior quality water filtration products backed by local after sales service & support to Mackay & surrounding area since 2004

With a good quality filter you can have the best of both worlds - great tasting water without the hefty price tag of bottled water, as well as doing your part to reduce the environmental footprint caused by the production, transport and pollution caused by bottled water, as well as being a healthier option considering the long term effects of plastic on the human body. 

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Our refillable systems works with an advanced 8 stage activated carbon filterremoving harsh chemicals & organic impurities from your tap water,  as well as adding much needed trace elements back into the water.  Optional ceramic dome filters for even finer filtration also available, as well as fluoride removing filters. 

Our Plumbed-In coolers all have twin filtration, with sediment & carbon block filtration. 

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648X488 wix PlumbedIn Awesome.jpg
648X488 wix PlumbedIn Waterworx.jpg

We have a wide product range, both refillable & plumbed-in, to suite every need & budget, providing both business customers & residential customers with the option to rent, buy outright & Buy Now Pay Later options through Afterpay, PayPal-in-4 or ZipPay

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