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KDF not only aids in further purifying the water, but as ozone is produced it will restrict any algae and bacterial growth post filtration. KDF is a high-purity alloy copper and zinc formulation that uses a basic electro-chemical process known as redox (oxidation / reduction)  to eliminate a vast number of water contaminants .  Some harmful contaminants are changed to harmless components, while others are electrochemically bound to the KDF Media.


All items are recognised as having some form of electrical and magnetic charge. Some are positively charged and some are negatively charged, depending on their molecular structure and circumstances. The reason the Redox reaction works so well with KDF is because the two constituents of KDF are oppositely charged, copper is a positive element and zinc is a negative element. So basically, positively charged molecules (impurities and contaminants) are attracted to the negative charge of the zinc and negatively charged molecules (impurities and contaminants) are attracted to the positive charge of the copper.


Water passes through a bed of pure KDF, it makes contact with the KDF particles and the Redox reaction takes place, removing impurities such as minerals, heavy metals and organic materials. The KDF itself creates a miniature electrolytic cell within the spaces between each particle, the zinc acting as the anode and the copper acting as the cathode within this cell and the water and its impurities acting as the electrolyte through which the charge flows. When the contaminants and impurities found in water pass through this electrolytic cell, some substances, especially metals, react to the magnetic force exerted by the electrolytic cell and are attracted to the surface of the KDF particles where they adhere.


Other non-metal impurities react with the KDF and form zinc oxides, copper hydroxides and sulfates in the water. These by-products remain within the drinking water but are not dangerous and as part of this reaction ozone is created and carried through into the drinking water, forming a hostile and desolate environment for algae, bacteria and any other array of micro-organisms.









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