Save Money



Bottled water is expensive —  we have done the math for you— click here to see a cost comparison.  With an awesome cooler,  you can save up to 90% of the cost of buying bottled water. Even when including the cost of paying for the machine (which you buy - so no ongoing monthly rental costs) you still save between 35%-70% (depending on model & payment option).





The water cooler is extremely power efficient, running on around 30 cents a day ! No more opening and closing the fridge countless times a day to get a nice cold drink of water. If you have the hot water model, you can even put your jug away.


Save Power


Save Space

No more bottles lined up in the passage waiting to be used or empty ones to be collected.  For household users - free up loads of space in your fridge,  because you can now have icy cold water on tap.   If you get the hold & cold model—you can pack your kettle away too.




No more heavy lifting— that's right - 15kg’s per bottle to get that new water bottle into place, and no chance of potential spillage or slipping.  You simply fill up your awesome cooler with a jug that’s manageable for you.  The system also holds 15 litres in total but you fill up as required—straight from your tap.

Save your Body



The activated carbon filter removes chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, etc. from your tap water. Research has shown that these elements are linked to causing cancer, heart disease and allergies.   Ongoing research is also questioning if water in plastic bottles might be causing health risks due to the prolonged periods that it is in contact with the plastic, chemicals from the plastic may be released into the water.    Water is also quite possibly the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off.

Save your Health



No staff time wasted on placing new orders,  waiting for that delivery to arrive, no receiving and checking deliveries, no storage and no processing of that monthly bill.  You don't have to diarise when you are due for a filter, we will keep record and let you know when it's time for a service and filter change.  

Save Time




Producing bottled water has a huge carbon footprint.  Australia uses around 314 000 barrels of oil to produce one year’s supply of bottled water.   Consider the cycle of bottled water: extract water / transport to purifying plant / purify water / transport to bottling plant / put into storage at distribution centre / loaded into trucks to be driven around for delivery / trucks come back to pick up empties / back to plant to wash the bottles and cycle starts all over again.  This is not even considering all the plastic bottles that get dumped and go into landfills.

Save the Planet


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